Promotional Calendar

Hi, Brooke!

My business model will be similar to yours soon; a monthly subscription coaching membership that members can cancel anytime. And I was just watching your entrepreneur call under Assets where you spoke to your promotional calendar being monthly with this type of setup. Can you share more info on this? I’m trying to determine how I’m going to forecast revenue and ensure new clients are coming in consistently to offset those who will eventually cancel – I’m a weight loss coach and predict gals leaving after 6-8 months and “graduating” from the program if you will… But, some may reach their goals at month 3, or leave at month 2, and I’m wondering what approach I should take with maybe gaining clients and instilling a waitlist (down the road when I can meet my client goal of 300 a month)? What are your thoughts? Currently clients can join at any time during the month, and start their program right on that date that they join, so daily revenue fluctuates given recurring charges and then new clients that day (random of course). Any insight you can provide on what I could be doing with this would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!