proposal models

hi, I’d love if you could point out anything i might be missing in these models

c: “Proposal for M” on calendar at 12:30
T: she might not approve it
F: nervous
A: go on facebook. shop on etsy. don’t start proposal
R: I don’t even give her a chance to approve or deny it

C: “proposal for M” on calendar 12:30
T: all I have to do is start by typing her name onto the proposal
F: underwhelmed
A: open freshbooks, copy previous proposal, type her name
R: i start the proposal

t: i don’t even have to send it to her if I don’t want
F: relieved
A: write the proposal
R: I get the proposal done and use reverse psychology on myself lol

c: “proposal for M” on calendar 12:30 & vibrations in my solar plexus
t: I can do this while I feel anxious
f: peace
a: feel the feelings in my body while I write it
r: i don’t let anxiety stop me

c: ‘proposal for M’ on calendar for 12:30, I make 13.20 at N, K said she’d get me content in a few days
t: everything is working out for me
f: cared for (?)
a: gather evidence in my mind that i am safe and cared for. i don’t worry.
r: i create the experience that all is well