Proposal Submission

I’ve submitted a proposal to teach inside of a colleague’s program.  I followed up once, and she asked me some questions for clarity, and I haven’t heard back.  It has been about a month.

Do I follow up again?
Do I wait?
Do I focus on another collaboration that is going ahead with another couple programs which are awesome?

I really want to offer what I have to the person who is not getting back to me, but I also don’t want to come across as desperate, because I am not.. but .. well.. if I wrote that maybe I am?

So, I ask, “what would love do” and go down that rabbit hole.  I learn more, but I don’t really gain traction on do I email back and what do I say – I remain in limbo.

Some models here look like:

C – Not hearing back from program about my proposal – either a yes or no
T – I don’t want to appear desperate
F – Fear (feels like stuck-ness in my tissues)
A – Question, self-coach, don’t email, wait for “right answer”
R – I create a form of desperation in my own thinking

That R is fascinating… I can see what I am doing.

I need some direction here to help my thinking.