Prospecting in MLM business

Hi Brooke: I LOVE your podcast and am enjoying scholars right now. Ok. Where do I start. I have been on my full time job for close to 20 years. It’s the wrong job and I am soooo ready to go! Four years ago I got started as a life-insurance agent in a network marketing company and last year I became a certified life coach. I am not working as a life coach because I am stuck. I am still working..or still showing up to meetings in my finance business. I have been at the same rank (Associate) for four years…while seemingly all of the other agents have excelled. I am having an incredibly hard time prospecting. I know what to do; but I am not doing it on a regular basis. When I finally get out to prospect, I find that I can’t open my mouth. It has not been this way the entire four years but it has been this way a lot this year. I am doing the life-insurance business because it offers equity opportunity. It is hard as all get out!!! I think this company will be a billion-dollar company when it goes public. The other reason I am doing it is because I think I can earn good money to pay for your business coaching certification program. I have recruited about 15 people with no one working. I am single, middle age. I thought of quitting but that won’t really help me. Ideally, I would like to do my coaching business and network marketing business full time. What can I say/do to myself to take the necessary steps to get business/money so that I can leave my job within the next six months.I imagine I have a lot of limiting beliefs…I don’t know. I have nothing to sell because I downsized from my apartment and am now renting a room in my friend’s home. I think I am going to die if I have to stay in my job for another year. I am long over due for a full-filling life. I appreciate whatever you can offer.