Prospective clients husband

Hi Coaches,

I had a client who said she was ‘in’ and was blown away by our discovery call. She said she was in, but then when it came to payment her husband intervened. I told her that i’m happy to answer any questions that he has, if it would make him feel more comfortable with her investment.

He took my offer and we hopped on a call. I’m a WL coach and he grilled me. I charge $400 a month for coaching, and he said that my pricing doesn’t make sense and that he has never heard of anyone charging that amount. He said he can lose weight if he just starts to count calories or joins an app like noom.

I conveyed the difference to him, and stood firm in what I believed and how my coaching is valuable beyond and above those things.

He then went on to question my credentials as well as my geolocation. I live in a country outside the US, and he basically asked me if I was a scam and why his wife was so adamant on joining.

Throughout the whole call, I felt pretty calm. I kept thinking that I’m not on here to convince him, but instead speak my truth and allow them to decide for themselves.

After the call, I started to feel a little anxious and sad.

Thoughts rushing through my head was “You don’t know what you’re doing” “It would be easier if you just moved and lived in the US”.

Please help coach me on this.