protecting your assets


So, in advance of actually opening up shop, I have created a program with both text and exercises to help my clients navigate their high conflict divorce. It will be a 20 page spiral booklet similar to the booklets found in SCS by Brooke. This is my primary asset other han my time. This has really helped me solidify what I can teach, my value, and my business plan.

A few questions:
1. I think that I would like to offer my program/course for a set fee which would include the workbook and 4 x 1 hour sessions with me. Does this sound reasonable? Does $1000 (Canadian) sound crazy?

2. Is it ok also to offer separate 1 hour sessions for a fee?

3. How do you prevent people from copying your material and letting go viral? Do I need a copy write and if so how does a small business acquire this?

4. would you recommend that I offer a snippet of my program on my website? What about through Facebook ads?

Many thanks for everything. It is the entrepreneurial videos that helped me turn my amorphous ideas into a program!