Psychotherapist Feeling Overwhelmed

I’m a psychotherapist with my own private practice where I see clients 15-18 hours per week and also do some writing on the side. I would love to grow my business online and focus a bit more on my writing, but I don’t feel like (or should I say I don’t think) I have the time to get the basics of my business done. I have limited hours I can work because I get my kids to and from school most days, and I constantly feel like I can’t catch up. I haven’t done my profits and losses since May. I need to update my website and I have a freelance article due. I write a weekly email and that takes a bunch of time to write and then edit. I have to do client notes and billing, etc.

The back of this month’s workbook mentions that Judith Gaton uses a “work protocol.” I have tried to do many forms of this, but nothing ever sticks. Is there somewhere I can learn more about how to this properly or do I just need to do more models?

It seems impossible to pursue “impossible” goals when I struggle so much to keep up with the basics.