Publicist isn’t doing her job

My unintentional model is golden, providing such great insight as to what I wasn’t doing/noticing:
C Publicist has produced 3 results
T I can’t stand this
F frustration
A keep trying to change her and get her to pay more attention to ‘Pathological,’ email, come up with new pitches for her, don’t see that she emailed on Friday to say that she will change her approach, continue to ruminate on what’s wrong with her, obsess over why she waited so long, forget this is a marathon, not a sprint
R I create not being able to stand it and frustrate myself by not seeing that we’ve made a change and are moving forward

That’s amazing. I hadn’t even noticed that things have already changed.

But when I went to do an intentional model, I still have thoughts like “I’m wasting money,” etc. Even if I see them as “just thoughts,” I want to run my business well. If she can’t do the job, why would I continue to try to make it work?

C Publicist produced 3 results
T I’m doing everything I can to make it work
T I can learn a lot from this

I didn’t get further because it feels like empty positivity.