Putting money in the R line


I understand, cerebrally, that T –> F –> A –> R, and I’d love guidance on working my way UP the model.

I want to create $200K in my business. That was the “impossible goal” that I set at the beginning of the year. I began Q1 making $40K selling my 1:1 program, which was huge income increase for me (more than I made all the previous year)!

I was so proud. But also really burning myself out, and constantly had the thoughts: this is too hard, I can’t keep it up….

So I abandoned my $200K goal, bc it was no longer “feeling good” or sustainable, or the thoughts I had about it felt “bad” (overwhelming, doubtful, avoidant of the goal).

I want to get back on it, and to believe I can achieve this goal! So I’d like to work my way up the model. Here is what I am coming up with so far , and I’d love any feedback or guidance.

C- Business
A- Sell 1:1 program, then funnel clients into monthly membership, do 3 rounds of 14 day reboot annually, enjoy working with clients, and spreading the word, be in love with my offerings, confidently invite people into my world, believe in the inevitability of my success…..
R- $200K in 12 months

IN working my way up…. there is something that comes up in my brain, saying the “none of those actions guarantee my success, or guarantee this will work out, and it sort of makes me feeling like shutting down. And then none of the “good” thoughts I am trying to muster (this is fun, I am rocking it, this is working) feel true. :-/

Maybe I need a bridge thought. Like, “this could be easy… I am open to the possibility of easy money, my offerings change women’s lives….”

What do you suggest? Or are there things am not seeing here?