Putting myself out there for the first time as a coach

Earlier this month, I signed up for the September Coach Certification training (so excited for that to start, by the way!). As I prepare for the start of that, I’ve been researching the steps needed to get my own business set up. This will be a first for me, and even though I’m so excited, I’ve been hesitating to tell people that I’m going to become a coach. My thought has been, “well, I’m not really a coach yet and haven’t even started training.”

BUT. Today on a Facebook group I’m an active part of, someone brought up a question that was super central to the niche I want to serve. I wanted to comment and mention that this was squarely the kind of problem I was going to be taking on clients for in my future coaching business, but I found myself thinking the above and shrinking away. So, I interrupted my model, channeled Stacey Boehman (“meet people, tell them you’re a coach, and make offers to help them”), and put myself out there to a group of thousands, responding that I was on my way to becoming a coach to solve exactly these kinds of problems.

This is a huge move forward for me in terms of generating the courage to put myself out there as a “future coach” for the first time. Exhilarating!