Q2 2020 IG Day 2 IM light bulb moment!

Hello amazing team,
Thanks so much for answering all these questions, it’s so useful.

I am working through my IG for Q2 and today I worked on a thought download which was a real a-ha moment for me.
I realised that I try and create a space for freedom in my business because I ‘feel’ that my home life is full of things that I dislike doing (laundry/cleaning/shopping/tidying up/hoovering). So what I have been doing is to try and create as much ‘freedom’ in my business, because it is ‘my space’.
But actually, my business doesn’t need freedom, it needs discipline.
And then (as a side note) I thought that freedom comes through constraint anyway, because freedom on its own can quickly become indulgence.
And my thought download led me to write that that freedom I was creating was not emotional maturity because essentially I was hiding.
I’m not creating results in my business, I’m creating a space where I can go and do whatever I want to do. I do lots of things, but they are the things I want to do, not necessarily the things I need to do. eg not being consistent, not sticking to a plan because ‘I don’t feel like it’).
I am SO glad I’ve realised this.

Can you have a quick look at my models:

C: my business
T: My life is full of things I have to do, not want to do
F: frustration
A: Do things that make me feel free (in my business).
R: No business growth

C: My business
T: My business needs me to make good choices
F: responsible
A: Take action on what the business needs
R: Business grows.

I love the feeling of ‘responsible’ in my IM, it makes me think that I am taking good care of my business by looking after it in making good choices.
I also realise that instead of finding my home life organisation super dull I can change my thinking around that too.

I’m super excited, and I feel like a weight has fallen off me!
Thanks so much.