Q2 2020 IG thought download

Hello amazing coach team,
My thought download today as part of my impossible goal is the fact that I had said to myself that in April that I wanted to earn money from my business. Then today, it being the 27th April, I felt disappointed that I haven’t earned any money in April from my business.
However, when I look at my Q2 goals the aim is to earn money by the end of June, and the time now is preparation, ie list growing, preparing my funnel etc. So the goal never was to earn money in April. I mean if I do, great, but if I look at my tasks for April they are all to do with getting out there as a presence and that is what I am working on. The plan is for income to start coming in between end May to end June.
So I realised I was on to myself and this is a really valuable lesson for me to learn. I feel I’m setting myself up for failure: I say to myself, “I want to earn money in April” ignoring what my written goals are. Then when it gets to the end of April I beat myself up because I haven’t done it. So I am guaranteeing failure and keeping myself in a loop of failure expectancy.
So despite setting goals, I set another one that I’m not planning for, then fail at it, which proves why I am never going to make any money. Lightbulb moment!!
So my question is, how do I do a model on that? Or do I not need to? Now that I have realised what I am doing, is that enough? Or how could I maximise that learning and revelation?