Question about niche – now and future

Hi there – I would like your input on defining my niche. As background, I have recently discovered Brooke and this is my third month in Scholars (loving it – already life changing!). I have decided I would like to take the Life Coach training and focus on weight loss. As I am new to her training, I missed the sign up for this year and plan to sign up for next year’s training. I currently work part-time as a project manager and also have a side business selling essential oils. I feel that eventually, I will focus on weight loss while keeping up the essential oil business. I am telling you this as I would like to focus my time this year – before the training – on personal development and my essential oil business. I do a lot of work online (I have a blog, etc.) and would like to define my niche so that I can focus on essential oils this year and transition fairly seamlessly into weight loss coaching next year (so the transition doesn’t feel too disjointed). I eat a whole food plant-based (vegan) diet and I think this a good niche to focus on. The niche for this year (selling essential oils) would be – “natural healing and essential oils for vegans”. I think this is still a fairly blue ocean in a generally red one. Once the life coach training is over, I could transition this into “lose the last 10 or 20 lbs eating a healthy vegan diet” – something like that. Does this all make sense and do you think I’m headed in the right direction? Thanks for your input!! Jill