Question about creating a program

I listened to your podcast on creating a program and I really see the benefit to this…
I’ve been working with clients, but it’s really been client-driven in our sessions. So they come to me with a proglem and an intention and we work with it. I usually send them away with a homework assignment that would support them in what we worked with until the next session.

So I’m curious, with a program….would I be doing more teaching in the sessions? For example, if the program was on weight loss and the first part of the program was on creating a compelling reason, would you teach about the importance of that and then do it together in the session?

My other questions is..
I’m also interested in creating an online course because I have a program I think would be very beneficial that could almost be done all through modules and a workbook. Plus maybe I’d throw in 2 half hour 1-on-1 sessions. But do you recommend having a full one-on-one practice or large mailing list before creating an online program? And, do you know of any resources that might be helpful in how to create an online course?

Thank you so much Brooke!