Question on epic fails

You must love these questions lol

Okay, I’m trying to make sure I’m writing his correctly

I’ll give you my first 6 actions

1- Create a webinar to promote my program
2- Get 100 people to sign up for webinar
3- Beta Test program with 10 participants in the 1st half of the quarter
4- Gain 150 people on my email list
5- Launch program with 20 paid clients at full price in the second half of the quarter
6- Create a Facebook group with 150 members joined
7- Grow Instagram following to 10,000 followers


So they all help each other out in some way to make one or the other possible… more importantly the 20 coaching clients signups.

But there’s a lot of other actions within these that would support them like

-Run a Facebook ad to get sign ups for freebie
-Put out content daily on IG
-Create an email series promoting the webinar
– Promote freebie on my instagram
– Promote my new Facebook group on Instagram and in email list

My question is

1) Should I stick with Epic fails like the 6 things I listed above ?

2) Should the epic fails include these other actions as well? Or are these just the backend of the epic fails?

When planning for these epic fails, everything can be broke down into so many other smaller steps.

I hope that makes sense…Would like some direction here… thank you.