Question to Brooke from 4/15 Coaching Session.

I relate to the lady being coached about her skin care business so have a follow-up question to that. I like how Brooke said we need to be certain and confident and not care if others don’t like what we are doing.

I find myself at times lacking confidence as well from comments people have made, similar to what the lady being coached mentioned. Comments like “Pyramid scheme, scam” etc., etc.

I know that is not what network marketing is, and I truly mean that. So I’m not sure why it gets to me as well… Sometimes it just feels like enough is enough. There have been times I’ll be feeling great about my business, and someone on Facebook will leave a rude comment like “snake oil” or something ridiculous and I’ll find myself questioning everything and second guessing. It can feel exhausting to try to explain the business model to those that don’t understand it and seem close minded. And to be clear, I don’t go around asking to explain it to others – they will ASK ME about it and I will simply start answering, which is when I’m met with interruptions of “scheme!” Lol. Before I’ve even had a chance to attempt explaining how it works. So, I guess my question is: Do I simply ignore it? Do I just need to remember it is THEIR own thoughts leading them to those conclusions and has nothing to do with me? Would you recommend a specific response?

Side note: Wow- I didn’t realize I even had all these thoughts until now !

Possible unintentional model:
C- explaining the product and/or business model.
T- this person will likely be close minded as many appear to be (I know, I know….I see the problem already haha… but it FEELS very true).
A-talk about it less…. don’t make as many offers.
R- limited success stories in the business.