Question(s) about niche, blogging and homepage

I’m currently doing personal training as my side hustle, and want to ultimately expand to life coaching. I’m on the waiting list for 2019 coach training. I’ve decided to spend 2018 making the most use of scholars, as well as blogging while I train my one-on-one PT clients. I do have an idea of who I ultimately want to serve in my business. My ideal client is in her late twenties or early thirties and struggles with low self esteem & body image issues and thinks weight loss is the solution. My dream job is to become a body confidence coach. At the moment the tool I’m using to help my clients is strength training, but ultimately I’d love to add all the tools from life coach training.

First I’d love to get feedback on my niche.

Second, as I focus on blogging is it ok to write about training, mindset, nutrition and body confidence or should I really narrow it down?

Lastly, could I please get feedback on the sentences I have on the home page of my website? Is it clear enough who I serve or does what I offer sound too general?

“What if you could swap comparison for self-compassion, and actually find enjoyment in exercise?” “I empower women to feel beautiful and confident while they work towards achieving their dream bodies.”

Thanks for any input.