Questions From Networking Events

I am a general life coach.
At networking events, people have follow up questions for me like,
Who’s your target audience?
A: anyone stuck in a rut who wants help clearing roadblocks
What’s your niche?
A: I am a general life coach, meaning I help people with multiple areas in their life
What kind of coach are you?
A: same answer as above (asked at a separate event)

I introduce myself as a coach who helps people who are stuck in a rut, and I do that through mindset work.

My thoughts when I get these questions are,
They don’t understand what mindset work is.
They are confused. I am confusing them.
They think I need a niche and I don’t have one. So they don’t take me seriously.

My energy shifts of course while thinking these thoughts.
I think the underlying thing here is, I believe general life coaching is extremely useful and needed, but I am trying to think about what these other entrepreneurs are thinking, and my brain is offering, they think everyone needs a defined niche so they move on past me in their mind and don’t find me interesting.