questions on my thought download on creating 12 topics to create content around

Hi, I have just done a thought download on my task. (Sometimes when I have a task that I have identified as one I have been putting off, I like to do a thought download on it to really understand the resistance to doing it).

Task: Create 12 topics that I can create content around. I’m going to flesh these out, put them into specific months and use this as the basis for a content calendar.

Question 1: What do I do when my thought download raises questions? Do I put them in the model and do a model on them?
Question 2: How do we deal with *thoughts* that are really just optional thoughts, but actually could be very true? (thoughts pretending to be facts) such as “having frequently searched keywords are important to build website traffic.”
Question 3: I didn’t actually come up with any negative thoughts or thoughts that might be holding me back. Are there any other insights you can suggest based on this thought download?


Thought download:
*I can create 12 topics.
*They might not be what other supply chain professionals might expect.
*It could be challenging to match these up with keywords.
*Having frequently searched keywords is important to build website traffic.
*I can choose 12 topics that would bring value to an employee.
*Who would I be writing these 12 topics for?
*Would all of them need to inspire me?
*I could come up with 4 blog posts for each.
*Each blog post could start out with 6 bullet points.
*What thoughts might I have that might get in the way of creating 12 topics?
*What thoughts might I have that might get in the way of creating blog posts?
*Who would I be writing these for?
*I haven’t fully defined my ICA.
*Does not having a fully defined ICA need to stop me from coming up with 12 topics?
*Can I hold the chicken in one hand and the egg in the other?
*How many years of purchasing or supply chain experience has my ideal customer avatar got?
*I have nearly 15 years of supply chain experience.
*This is a lot of years.
*Actually it’s 13 years.
*That is still a lot of years.
*It’s over a decade.
*Doing the math now I think it is 15 years.
*Using the thought “Write what you need to read” really excites me.
*I want to give people tools and thought models to be outstanding in their job.
*I want to complement any supply chain training they might have taken with real life, directed activities.
*I do not want to be a trainer.
*I want to be a facilitator of doing.