Quit Making Courses for My Clients?

Thank you for your reply!

If I think about creating courses for my clients, my main thought is that I’m not good at them – I’m awkward on camera, I’m cringey with the things I say and how I sound, I miss the mark and over complicate topics, and while I DO know what I’m talking about, this environment brings up something weird in me…

I feel I have to be scripted and rehearsed – yet no matter what I second guess myself and think how I’m doing it isn’t right or not good enough constantly. That with practice comes perspective and another opportunity to make it better, so I should hold off, and practice, or edit for a better version.

I feel like I can’t even passionately create courses anymore because they feel so laborious and demanding (I wonder why) and that I WANT to help my clients, I genuinely do, but I also wanna find a way of teaching and being comfortable with my own concepts and methodologies to share them and make sense, plus have more fun!

It feels sooo about me, versus about my clients. But I also believe that it’s BECAUSE I love my clients and want to deliver an amazing course, that I care so much and want it to be great