quitting my job

I’m about to be certified in March. This work has changed my life and I’m already having success helping others. Thank you so very much. Thank you. Thank you!
I’ve been working in publishing sales for 23 years. I have been successful and a top performer. This said my gut always whispered it’s unhappiness to me. I have persevered anyway mostly because I couldn’t figure out what I should do and my family wants me working and safe. That is until now. I know what I want to do.
I feel I have been waiting for this moment my whole life. I want my story to be one of bravery and success. I know Brooke tells people not to quit their job until they love it. I have been at my current company for 11.5 years and know I need to generate my own internal motivation but I’m struggling. There are various reasons for this. I don’t have a goal and we are half through the sales year and they keep telling us the goals will be high which achieving will not increase payout. No fun. I can’t judge myself for what I feel about this. I feel unmotivated as ever.
In order to quit and give my dream a shot I’d have to sell my house (too big for me anyway) and buy something smaller. I’d have to be ALL IN. I’d have to support myself since my family doesn’t agree with taking such a risk. I’m single with no kids which means no one will starve. The only thing I have to risk is money, judgement, fear, and massive action. On my deathbed I’d want to have take this risk my gut has been begging for.
One thing stops me. If I can’t manage my own motivation with my current job and love it how will I ever be successful at being an Life Coach? Is there ever a time when we can feel fine about the job but just not want to do it anymore? I can work on my dream on the side and keep managing my motivation but maybe I don’t want to. Can you give me permission to take this risk? HA! Can it be enough that I don’t want to do this anymore? I heard Brooke say on a podcast once that she doesn’t recommend quitting and going all in – but she would-. I want to quit, do life coaching full time and see what I’m capable of. Thank you.