Quitting vs Constraining


I’m a self-published author and a new single mom. During the several months of separation/divorce, I did not write/publish. My income went from $4-5K to about $1-2k/month. I’m working on building my publishing business back up and will make about $3000 this month (paid 2 months later).

I’ve had months where I’ve been short on my expenses or know I will be so I have explored other ways to diversify my income and fill in the gaps.

In November, I decided to get certified to be a coach. I’m working on that now and I want to start my own business there. Coaching (and self-coaching) has been a newfound passion that fascinates me and I’m ecstatic to provide value and make money that way. I had this thought that I could start in September once I got certified but I’m realizing I can start now (and I’m going to!).

So here’s what I want coaching on.

Another idea I’ve been working on on and off for several months was a self-publishing course. I had a lot of mental drama around it, but I coached myself through it and finally got the courage to record a free webinar and set it all up. I thought it would be a great way to provide value doing something I’m an expert at while bringing in some extra money and diversifying my income. I just launched a pre-sale the other day using FB ads. I had 3 out of maybe 100 people sign up for the webinar but no one watch. I worked on not making it mean anything about me.

I did think it would be easier to get results and money with the course, but now I’m questioning if I want to keep pursuing it. Part of me doesn’t want to spend time failing at this when I’d rather put that time/energy into generating coaching clients and building that business. Another part of me doesn’t want to quit for the wrong reasons. I don’t take quitting lightly, but I also don’t want to make myself do this. I think constraining like Brooke says to just my writing/publishing and coaching could be great. I know I could keep worthy failing and make the course work if I decided to stick with it. But if I had to choose…

How do I make sure I worthy quit? Is it just a matter of thinking it so? Thanks!