Raise prices #2

I replied to the coaching questions below.

I currently charge $2000 for 6 months of coaching.
I want to charge $3000 for 6 months of coaching.

My thought is that most people don’t have $500 extra a month to spend on coaching. I did not when I first learned what a life coach was and wanted to hire one.
I want to shift into a different mindset. I know people pay more than $500/month for coaching. I paid 8k for 6 months earlier this year. I have all the evidence.
So maybe I think the people that I attract don’t have the money. Maybe I think my audience is people who earn what I earned as an accountant.

Please help me see what I am missing.

Here’s my current model

C charge $3000 for 6 months
T People don’t have $500 extra per month
F inadequate
A don’t raise prices. spin in thoughts about how I will never reach 100k
R charge $2000

Why did you spend 8K for 6 months of coaching?
I spent 8K because I was tried of living a sad life. I wanted to feel different, better. I believed my coach could help me. I believed she knew how to help me see my brain. I trusted her. I heard the story of her transformation and thought she could help me do the same.

Why do people spend 4K on a handbag?
I don’t buy handbags, but if I had to guess, they really like it and they think they will be happier with the handbag and they make enough money to buy it.

How about 10K for a spa vacation or 100K for a car?
I suppose because they think the vacation and car are worth it…. I can’t really imagine spending in that way.

Why do they do that?
Look at their model.
What are they thinking and feeling before they make the purchase?
Create this model.
What else might be in the action line?

Here is the model I think that person might have:
C 10k spa vacation
T This is going to be money well spent
F excited
A pay for spa
R paid and enjoyed spa vacation

I need some help here. I am not seeing the connection. I completed this model, but I don’t see how it translates to my thoughts about people not having money to pay for coaching.

Do you think they looked in their monthly budget for “extra” money? yes, I do.

When people highly value something and want to purchase it, what do they do? They find a way to pay for it. Maybe put it on a credit card.

What can you learn from human behavior and spending? when people want something, they find a way to buy it?
Is it tied to how much money people make or what their monthly expenditures are? sometimes, yes.