Raise prices

I currently charge $2000 for 6 months of coaching.
I want to charge $3000 for 6 months of coaching.

My thought is that most people don’t have $500 extra a month to spend on coaching. I did not when I first learned what a life coach was and wanted to hire one.
I want to shift into a different mindset. I know people pay more than $500/month for coaching. I paid 8k for 6 months earlier this year. I have all the evidence.
So maybe I think the people that I attract don’t have the money. Maybe I think my audience is people who earn what I earned as an accountant.

Please help me see what I am missing.

Here’s my current model

C charge $3000 for 6 months
T People don’t have $500 extra per month
F inadequate
A don’t raise prices. spin in thoughts about how I will never reach 100k
R charge $2000