Raising My Prices

You know how you can hear something over and over and understand it intellectually, but someone says it just a bit differently and it clicks? I had one of those moments about up-leveling my business by increasing my prices thanks to a 1:1 coaching session.  I’ve done a lot of models following that encounter, Just wanting a little feedback on these models, want to make sure my IM is something I can fulfill for myself. Thanks!

C- 60% price increase on table X
T- My friends will think I’m greedy.
F- Shame
A- Ruminate about what the “perfect” price is, resent selling myself short, show up as timid and awkward when discussing prices, hesitate to build more “expensive things” continue to play small, stay in my old shell even though it doesn’t fit anymore and its uncomfortable, buffer with food, get lots of outside opinions on what I should do, not take any useful action, continue to make “just enough” in my business to cover the expenses and payroll
R- I think I’m greedy (?)

C- 60% price increase on table X
T- Even at this price, I am overdelivering in value
F- Confident
A- Market at new price point, sell with confidence, enjoy building and selling, give myself the room to be creative again rather than constantly hustling to get by, work less hours and make more money, smile when I think about what a beautiful piece I’ve put in someones home
R- I continue to overdeliver and feel good about it