Raising prices with not that many clients

Hi coach!

I have had a business for over a year now (relationship coaching business). I recently signed my first ever 2 clients. They are excited to work with me, but they aren’t as consistent as I would like to, for me to have a clear balance or even agenda on my business. At the moment I am charging 40 usd for 1:1 and 60 usd for couples coaching.

I have been feeling called to up-level my prices at 100 usd per hour. Because I know I can add more value + I want that the people coming in are really committed to the work.

My thoughts:
– What if I raise my prices and I lose my current 2 clients?
– What if I go back again to no clients at all?
– I don’t want to lose what I created
– I want more committed people in my business
– I’m not sure if I am valuable enough to charge that amount.

I know there are a lot of models there, but I am having trouble choosing one + taking a decision.

Thanks in advance for your help!