Reaching out to influencers

I want to build my coaching business through referrals. I have a ton of numbers in my phone of people (in other industries) I’ve met through the years, some of which are in high-profile positions with access to plenty of the kinds of clients I want to work with.

I want to reconnect with some of these folks and ask them to refer clients to me. Many of these people might not remember me. I want to be succinct, clear, powerful, and connected should they pick up the phone.

I want to call them and ask for help with referrals. I would be thrilled to give these lukewarm contacts a complimentary coaching session. As they interact with their clients they could think of what it was like to work with me and refer me as someone it would behoove their clients to work with. 🙂 I’m excited about this approach and, I want to maximize that first re-touch.

Will you please help me with a ‘script’ on what to say to them?

So far I have, “My name is ______. We connected ____ years ago at ________. I’m calling because I’d like to ask for your help as I grow my coaching business. Is now a good time to talk?” Then if they say yes, “I have a coaching business where I __________. You work with the kinds of clients that I would also love to work with. Would you be willing to refer clients to me who (meet certain criteria)? Because you don’t know my business and I respect the relationships you’ve built, I’d like to invite you to a powerful coaching conversation to experience my service firsthand. If you find value, I would appreciate referrals. If you don’t find value from our time together, then off our separate ways we go. How does this sound?”

Thank you for feedback.