Reading and Implementation

Hey Brooke! Quick Question on how you digest what you read – in terms of business/marketing books. I find that many are either 1 concept – explained in 200 pages (which is fine. I love a simple mindset change) while others may have lots of strategies and things to implement. I know you’re pushing through a ton of books as you look into how to scale up. How do you take what you learn in these books – and implement them – or use them to guide you?

Do you take notes as you go? Do you look for actionable items? Do you write down things to share with your team and then meet regularly? Do you have a physical manual you’re putting together to take things you learn and make them actionable by your team? I’m just curious how you get the most actionable value from what you read – especially since you’re such a voracious reader. Thanks! 🙂