Reentering Coaching… what to do…

Hi there,

I had a business focused on coaching entrepreneurs, primarily women, but a few men.
I have been out of the market for 2 years because of family health issues.
I am actively relaunching my coaching business and want to be full time by year’s end/first of next year. But, I haven’t publicized that yet.

Out of the blue, I was approached by a male friend who has been part of my community for a bit, asking if I would coach him. I’d like to do that.

Here’s his question: “I’m not sure what you’re up to lately but I’m reaching out to you to see if you may have time and interested to help me with some life/career coaching? I know you typically work with women but I thought you may make an exception for an old friend. No pressure if you’re not interested or too busy. Perhaps you can recommend someone else or book if you’re not interested. Basically I’m looking for help figure out what I should do next with my life, business, and career. I’ve been doing the Etsy thing for a over 4 years now and the shop is doing well but now I really need more income to help support the needs of my family. I have ideas but I also have doubts. I’m hoping maybe an outside perspective could help find clarity and give direction to move forward. Let me know your thoughts and if you can help. ”

I’m not sure what to charge for this. I know that’s a broad question. My rates at the time I stepped back were on a retainer for $3k for 3 months. I know his life situation with 4 small children and a small but growing business. I’m inclined to do it for free, but I’m thinking that’s a crazy thought. Yikes. 🙂

I thought the initial call would be just to see if I can help, yet those often turn into a full-blown plan and then I don’t secure the agreement. (I know… ***sigh***).