Refining my niche.

I’d like to make my niche more coherent. Currently I’ve gotten as far as; I help professional women who lead inconsistent lives free themselves from stress and overwhelm to reconnect with the joy in their world.

I’m struggling with the “just pick one” mentality for niches because I’m trying to decipher my niche from the network of women I already work with / historically have. The similarities they all have is that they’re highly professional women and their working lives are very inconsistent – variable work locations, projects, teams etc; there’s no reliable routine to their working life. Another shared trait is that their work offers a position of influence to a community of others – students, fans, religious communities, troops.

Whilst I feel this is narrow enough for me to write consistently to, I know Brooke recommends even more specificity so I wonder if perhaps I need to dig deeper. Do you have any questions or guidance that may serve this? I’ve been struggling to get clear on this on my own so thought I’d write in.