Hi Brooke,

I got an email out of the blue this weekend from a woman who signed up for one of my trainings, came to one weekend was part of the course for a few months then stopped handing in her homework and showing up for monthly calls (I run yoga teacher trainnings and a portion is in person and then it is self-study, conference call classes etc.). After checking in on her she said that for a number of reasons she couldn’t continue the training. I offered to set up a call to speak with the intention to offer her some coaching sessions for her business building since I do not offer refunds after a course begins, but she didn’t get in touch to chat and I decided not to chase her to offer her something more since I was not obligated to do so and she hadn’t asked for anything more from me.

This course ended last September and out of the blue this past weekend I got an email from her asking if she could get a portion of the money back. She shared that she lost her job and may need to have surgery and is grasping at straws to try to build a safety net.

On a personal level, I feel for her and don’t think this was an easy email for her to write or that she would have done it if she wasn’t desperate. My husband and I have been financially fortunate this past year so it wouldn’t be a big deal to offer her a few hundred dollars to help her out (the course was 1k).
On a business level, I have been very clear about my policy and the facts are she left the course for her own reasons and not because I wasn’t delivering what I had promised to deliver. That coupled with the fact that the course ended last year, it seems outlandish to consider.

I am struggling with how to respond to this one. In brainstorming with my husband I thought maybe the best route might be to tell her I can’t refund the course because it is against policies we have thought long and hard about and to keep things clean across the board. BUT then ask if she would be open to accepting a personal gift of money from us to help her in her current situation.

Trying my best to be clean about it all, but obviously I am not (haha). Your help would mean a lot to me!