Rejection from husband

I have been in business for 5 years as a coach and have been stuck around the $10K month range. This month I was completing the podcast workbook on rejection and I discovered that the number one thing I fear is being rejected by my husband. He is not supportive of my business and what I am doing and will criticize me if I post anything on social media that he does not like. I get 99% of my clients from social media and I am also comfortable with what I share there. He refuses to talk to me honestly about any of this he will just randomly criticize and make mean comments that I find demeaning about my coaching business. I have considered divorce and I am working on getting to $25K months so that I can cover all home expenses (we live in an expensive area I would need to net $15K/month to leave). My question is how can I show up more in my business when what I fear is being rejected by my husband who does provide housing for me and my kids. This fear seems way too real for me to just “not feel rejected”. What am I not seeing here?