I’m struggling with the feeling of rejection. I’m a coach and have had some clients cancel recently. I cancel was one thing but now there have been several I’m having a lot of thoughts about what it means about me as a coach and a person. I also rewatch my coaching and feel disappointed with it. My current model is:

C: client x cancelled
T: Maybe I’m just not cut out for this
F: despair
A: lack confidence, ruminate on my flaws and failings, compare and despair, put on a facade, dream of quitting
R: Strengthening belief I’m not good enough

Ugh, not a great model!

Here’s where I’m getting stuck. I’ve been coaching for nearly 2 years. I believe in having a growth mindset but also I believe there are people who have the potential to be talented coaches and others who may never be. I began with high hopes and I think I’m now discovering I’m not as good as I expected to be. The image I have in mind is of a kid on a sports team who can’t play at the level required. Does there come a point when I just acknowledge my truth that maybe I just don’t have what is needed? When I think that thought I have a flood of relief but I would love a sanity check that I’m not missing something. Here’s the alternate model:

C: my career as a coach
T: it’s okay not to excel at something
F: relieved
A: let myself own my sadness and deep disappointment, scale back or quit coaching