Resentment feeling toward my MLM team

The month of August was the month I made the least in my network marketing business since I’ve started. I am definitely in a little bit of blame them/beat myself up energy. After a thought download and some self coaching, I ran an evaluation (What worked? Didn’t? what will I do differently?) after feeling my feelings. I definitely feel more neutral instead of resentful about the situation. Here was my process and I am curious if there is any feedback from you lovely coaches.

Unintentional Model
C- $4,154 total sales in my organization for August
T- I feel like everyone’s all talk.
F- Resentment
A- avoid my team, not help them anymore, talk shit about them in my head, blame them, stop adding value to them in the chat, not be present with them.
R- create less total sales; push them away

C- $4,154
T- I do so much for them, and they aren’t even showing up.
F- resentment
A- (same as above), recruit new people and completely forget about my current team
R- They stop showing up permanently because I’ve given up on them after one “bad” month.

C- total sales $4154
T- Bad months are normal and part of the process.
F- compassion
A- forgive myself for what’s not working, run an evaluation, stay the course, inspire my team by being forgiving and accommodating, remember that this business is all about flexibility and doing it as you want and taking the gas off if you need to for another project, keep serving, check in on them as a friend, not make it mean anything about me or them
R- increase the odds of bouncing back

C- total sales 4154
T- Nothing went wrong.
F- neutral
A- same as above, see the sales number as neutral, take responsibility, see the above number as “neutral” and course correct, try new things
R- create more growth(rights?)

What worked?
– I did my highest personal sales so far of $1254 sold in product by myself.
– Continuing to post the product on my IG story.
– Maintaining relationships with my subscribes customers one on one.
– Thought “I know what I’m doing”
– Thought “I’m not gonna die” (for when I did scary group workshops the first time)
– Empowering one of my leaders to lead the group calls instead of me and teaching them how.
– Going live multiple times a week with different influencers adding value instead of selling.

What’s not working?
– Not inviting new people daily to the business
– Not starting at least one new conversation daily
– Taking all the gas off the MLM pedal to focus on coaching only
– Resenting ambassadors on my team for not being men/women of their word or even trying
– Not educating more on superfoods on my social media (focusing too much on mindset/coaching content)
– Accepting everyone’s phone calls even when I don’t want to

What will I do differently?
– Invite one new person daily to the team (5 a week)
– Engage in my preferred customer chat and my team chat more adding value
– Self coach on resentment
– Get coaching on my MLM in SCS one on one
– Only answer the phone when I want to
– Make a “did you know” post on one ingredient of each product weekly on Instagram

Any feedback?