Resistance to planning

Hi Brooke!

I’ve been a scholar since September and this in my first time posting in Ask Brooke, so I just wanted to start by saying thank you for everything that you do, for being an example of what’s possible and for the incredible community of scholars that you’ve created!

My impossible goal for 2018 is to make $500K in my business and this feels crazy impossible to me at this point in time (which is perfect). I’ve done every exercise in the workbook, have planned my 25 fails (which took quite a few attempts to refine into a list of bold results, thanks to the other scholar who has the same impossible goal and shared her 25 fails in Ask Brooke – it helped me a lot!) and have also created a detailed list of all the action I will need to take to genuinely attempt those results (which was a tedious task but that’s ok).

I’m now at the stage of putting all of those actions into my iCal for quarter one and have been experiencing a lot of resistance to (and drama about) laying out all of those actions in my calendar so I can get to work.

I’ve gone back and revisited your podcasts on the power of planning and do goals and can see that my resistance to planning out quarter one in detail is coming from my thoughts about my goal (you mentioned that the temptation is to be vague when we don’t believe we can achieve our goal and you know whether someone will achieve their goal by looking at their calendar).

I’ve been doing thought downloads daily and am having thoughts like ‘I don’t think I’ll be able to stick to my plans’, ‘there are successful people who don’t plan 3 months out in meticulous detail’, ‘It’s too hard to plan 3 months in advance’, ‘I won’t be able to get everything done so I’m just going to disappoint myself’, ‘It’s going to be too much effort to have to update my plans every week’, ‘My plan isn’t going to work’. No wonder I’m feeling resistant! Even though I’ve been directing my mind to new thoughts these ones keep churning away in the background (another sign that working towards my impossible goal will really require me to evolve – perfect).

I’ve been unwilling to plan because I don’t believe my plan will be successful. I can see this is a pattern I’ve had in my business (only doing things that will ‘work’ and therefore playing very small) and one I want to evolve past. At the end of today’s thought download I realised that planning out my 2018 impossible goal in meticulous detail is my first test – Am I willing to fail for the sake of my impossible goal? And my answer – yes, I am! I am willing to do the tedious task of planning 3 months in meticulous detail. I am willing to hold myself accountable to a much higher standard of integrity than I ever have before. And I am willing for it to be messy and hard and uncomfortable AF.

I just wanted to share this as I suspect I’m not the only scholar who’s been feeling an extreme amount of resistance to doing the nitty gritty planning (and finding an endless number of justifications not to do it). Thanks for raising the bar Brooke, let’s go get it!