Resistance to the model and PUTTING THE THING ON PAPER

I have had a hesitancy for a long time of goal setting. I want to achieve and know, like really know and believe all of the things I’ve been learning but have so much resistance to actually doing it. I am my first week in to SCS but have been aware of the model for a few months. Help me see what I’m missing.

C: Delaying writing the model
T: Once I write it, if I fail there is evidence of it (kind of working with Morning Hour One here)
F: Fear of failure
A: keep procrastinating and avoiding
R: Never move forward

Second attempt the C/A/R lines are the same but the T line (or excuse line) is there are too many places to start. The F line is overwhelmed Same action and results.

Once I unpacked these I attempted to start with the result I want and work backwards and got
C ?
T: I am able to push through resistance and do new and hard things
F: In control (of life, time schedule etc)
A: Schedule for all the things (morning hr one AND time for thought download and models)
R: Morning hour one gets done and I have the life I want by designing it. I have less anxiety, more peace and calm and I’m more productive in business and personal life.