Resisting Client

I have a private client who is very resistant in doing the work. Our time is coming to an end and she’s just now trying to put the work in. I coach her on weight loss and she’s been refusing to make her plans. I’ve coached her on the model, her thoughts and her self sabotaging and she knows she’s self sabotaging and we’ve addressed her fears yet she’s still not doing the work and she’s not getting results.

I know this is my opportunity to learn as a coach on how I can support future clients who are resistant because I want nothing more than for them to get results. I do feel relief that our time is coming to an end because I’ve had loving and judgmental thoughts about her as well.

Unintentional model:
circumstance client not doing the work in my program
thought: i’m a bad coach
emotion: insecure
action: comparing to other coaches and their success

Intentional model:
circumstance: client not doing the work
thought: I have coached her and supported her throughout our time and she did see some mental shifts and breakthroughs
emotion relieved
action reminding myself I can’t control what actions they take or don’t