Resisting Hard work

I heard Staci on a business coaching call this week saying that the belief “I dont have enough time” was causing someone to be afraid to go into workings hard and trying to find shortcuts. I am falling into both. Here is how they are playing out:

C: My kids are home due to covid
T: I dont have enough time
F: Anxious/Overwhelmed
A:Trying to find shortcuts
R: Not making momentum forward and wasting time on shortcuts that dont work.

I am trying to find a better model. The result I want is $500K this year.

C: My kids are virtual schooling due to COVID
T: I am finding ways to be productive in the pockets of time that I have.
F: Resourceful
A: Get work done while they are up
R: reach my goals

I guess my question is what other thoughts could help me here? I dont believe “I have enough time” yet. Other things I think are on track are I have hired a team that is helping me to get there. But that feels more like them than me. Thank you!