Result Ahead of Time

I’m a french antique dealer and I’d like to start selling the way Brooke explains in the Entrepreneur class. I got lot of inputs (thank you so much it’s so great !!!!) But I’m wondering how I can give results ahead of time because I can not give testers of antique plate for example. Could you help me on this please ?

Thank you so much for everything you do ! Since January I learned to process emotion (the martiens must be tired with my descriptions, LOL), I lost 9 kg, I feel more in peace thanks to the discovery of Deepak Chopra meditation, I do models every day, I studied Brene Brown “daring greatly” (what a mind blower !), I did several times the work of Byron Katie, I stopped with dayly aperitif (white french wine just one a month) and I worked on understanding and feeling the 100% worthy for myself and each human being whatever his acts are…so until now in four months it’s just incredible !!! I’m so thankful ! Thank you !

Now I’m really starting to work on my business and willing to figure out how to change its dimension, but I’m stuck with this result ahead of time. I wish Brooke had chosen a material items with online business in this topic …

Thank you again for your help
Looking forwards every new topic each day !