Result is a Feeling, please review

Can you take a look at these models and let me know if I’m on the right track or missing something? In both, I have the Result as being a feeling. I am trying to start the Result line with “I…”.

J is my dear friend and employee. I have since learned from Entre Management this is a bad idea, to hire your friends ;). When we brought her on, we weren’t sure how long she would be working with us and communicated this to her. My biz partner, who is also my husband, has been telling me he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to keep her on. He hasn’t wanted to share that with her (because she’s my friend and he doesn’t want to hurt her). So I told her a few days ago that we are considering not continuing working with her. I wanted to give her a heads up. She knew this was a possibility because our work is seasonal.

Since then, she has not responded to my phone calls, which is how we stay in touch as friends. She has been responsive through email, which is how we communicate professionally.

C: My convo with J
T: J is mad at me
F: Panic
A: Worry, imaginary conversations in my head, over-explain and overshare to her, obsess over it
R: I feel her being upset with me

Why is my brain picking this thought?
Trying to create the worst possible scenario to protect me from being hurt and blindsided, feel uncertain that I’m handling this correctly

C: My convo with J
T: this is a challenging situation, not many people could’ve shown up the way that I did with a balance of professionalism and honesty.
F: proud, grateful
A: send her love, but don’t let it consume me
R: feel like I’m growing as a business owner, celebrate that