Results come from massive action / How do I achieve my desired results?

I realize that results come from massive action.
I am currently taking action, but it scares me. What if I fail? What if I’m the only person in the world who can’t get results from massive action?
How do I achieve my desired results? (Go back and redo the year of the impossible?)
I remember Brooke saying she makes it inevitable that she will achieve her results. That’s one way I can approach it.

Can you help with any other thoughts?

I have been working on what was supposed to be my Q2 goal, and I am still working on it, and I just wonder when I’ll get there?

This is not exactly what I am thinking but it is where my brain is heading ie I wonder that my A line is good enough, I am tempted to go and work on another project/create another project but I really want to stick with this.

C IG for Q2
T Doubt whether my A line is good enough
F stuck
A no action. Go and work on something else.
R no result

Ok, I really want to achieve my goal, so my IM is

T I really want to achieve my goal
F energised
A Tidy desk, tidy papers, go through all action steps. Work out what to continue, and what to add or subtract that will get me closer to my goal. Have shower, wash hair, put on great dress. Get back in mindset of future me. Future me running this business would take what action? Plan day and rest of week according to MH1. Really plan well. Set smaller goals to tick off along the way, eg people signing up to list, prior to people signing up for course.
R clean hair (only joking!), A RESULT!

Ok, I feel so much better. Could you comment on anything you can see that I might not? Thanks so much