Results for free

I am in the process of developing my 5-year plan transitioning from in-office, one-on-one patient care as a physician to eventually teaching other doctors to do what I do. I have a hormone management and sexual health clinic so I help women and men 35-65ish with a host of issues related to hormones and sex concerns.

I am thinking my “results for free” will be a YouTube channel with short videos addressing hormone questions, concerns, dosing, medicines, menopause, andropause and all the things. BUT…I think ultimately I would offer more to physicians who would like to take control over their schedule and not take insurance and work less hours and make more money and have more say over patient outcomes, etc.

Do you think these are too separate? I would position myself as a hormone authority and think the evidence of that would be the free YouTube videos that have helped patients. Perhaps eventually my offer could include a private library of different patient videos that would make starting to add hormones or transition to hormone care easier.

I’m kind of “thinking out loud” here, but I am mostly wondering if I am thinking of this all wrong or if I am possibly barking up a reasonable tree. My thinking is coming from not knowing how to make my current audience an offer that doesn’t require my one on one time. I know it exists, but I haven’t thougthissthht of it yet. Thanks for any thoughts.