Results that involve others R line.

With my particular network marketing company, we get bonuses for helping others rank advance. Which is great BUT, due to this- I’m having trouble with my R line as part of my results depend on others. I can control how I show up daily. But that’s all. I cannot control if others do the work or not to create THEIR R line.

In the recent coaching call with Lauren, she talked about having a very specific R. Ex: how much money do we want to create and by when.

This is where I’m stuck. If I need to help 5 ladies rank advance to make 5k, how could I do this in my R line since it involves others models ?

Or do I need a less specific result line? I don’t want to waste time indulging in confusion, but I also want to make sure I have a good model to work with, as currently – I seem to have having trouble.

How can I create a result for me that really does depend on others R line as well?