Riddled with self-doubt- pivot, push, or dig deeper in thoughts

I am working on making millions with my business of 20 years. It has been in the last 2 that I have actually aligned my thoughts that it is great for me to make millions, I can do it and really started asking myself questions that move me forward. This is what brought me to scholars and has me focused on growing into online teaching verses in person. Online is working well as an add on for the in-person clients, but not (yet) for new clients. When do I know it’s time for a plan change versus a mindset change?

Company: Orca Swim School
1999-2016: In-person kids and adults
2016-current: (sold kids program) In-person adults beginning and overcoming a fear of (deep)water
2019: added retreat to Hawaii, online membership for current customers (80 members) and online course for beginners (11 members)
Currently working through Amy Porterfield’s course creation to create a different course than I did last Jan.