Right now it feels like hell

I have this fear of the Coach Certification Program that I won’t be able to become a great life coach and entrepreneur. I have so many negative thoughts that pop in each and every day. Since I will be starting the program in a few days I’d like some guidance on how to overcome this discomfort or at least mitigate it.

Right now, each morning I wake up in a panic with thoughts like: Should I do this? Do I really deserve to spend this much money on myself when it could be better used in other ways? Can I start my own business if I’ve never been an entrepreneur? What if I fail and it’s all for naught?

Self Coaching Scholars has helped me in the last several years in ways that therapy has not and I’m deeply grateful. I sincerely believe the Coach Certification Program will help me achieve my dream of becoming a successful business owner. Right now it feels like hell!