Role of feelings if your action is pre-planned

Hi Brooke,

I’m not sure if I’m doing this model correct, because the T line is as neutral as the C line.

I routinely pitch ideas and I usually know what I’m supposed to do next regardless of outcome (i.e., I identify a list of clients up front and as soon as one rejects I move to the next one). So my action is the same regardless of feeling because it’s preplanned, and taking action feels good. Basically, I don’t allow feeling rejected to get in the way of contacting a new potential client. This generally works from a business point of view and sidesteps personally rejected in the bud, but I’m curious about your take on this approach and if it’s too heavy on the willpower of doing the action.
After many years of doing it this way, it doesn’t feel like willpower but rather a relief re knowing what to do next, but maybe I’m missing something. Thanks!

This week:
C – 3 editors rejected story proposal
T – They all said no
F – Rejected, disappointed OR Pleased that they got back to me instead of silence (feeling largely dependent on time of day and energy level)
A – Repitch to another editor
R – Feel positive re taking action and possibility of new client working out; assignment-wise, this week remains to be seen but generally this results in assignments regardless of feelings