Sales and fails

I’m launching an online news channel. I had a very successful news biz in the past, Pre-Covid. Then, life took a different turn. I moved from the west coast to the east coast. I know no one here, but that’s not an issue other than random loneliness.

My issue is I’m launching a landing page “new site coming 2022.” I’m trying to gauge sales with a pre-launch page & promo. Advertisers are saying, ”Wish we could, but we are so short-staffed.” They say they can’t serve the current customers that they have now. A huge problem in the US and Covid-era with so many unknowns!

I’m confident and excellent at what I do; however, I’m navigating new shark-infested areas, AKA Covid! I can tackle most, if not all, objectives, but I can’t bring or hire staff to short-staffed businesses that are really struggling. Yes, I can try calling other businesses, but I’ve been living on savings and draining the swamp. All entrepreneurs feel fear & do it anyway so I’m well versed in that.

Any strategies to overcome the objective, “we are too short-staffed to add more business to our business?” I hate adult-ing now. I’m 66, tired, and should have been retired at the beach, but I took a few wrong turns in relationships and I’m now paying for those less than wise choices. All that said, I know not to get caught up in worst-case scenarios. But I hate feeling more fear than faith. I’m used to a balance of the two. Plus, I find myself crying on the inside As if my soul knows something I don’t. I LOVE creating, but this is a new world. We are all making it up as we go along. I’m open to any input on what’s worked in this or a similar situation. Thank you!