Sales calls

Hi there, I am inviting people to go from my webinar onto a 1:1 strategy call with me where I offer them my program and coaching etc., I talked to my first 2 warm leads (people who I think could have totally afforded and signed up for my service but they didn’t) I think that I gave too much advice and they felt like they had enough to be on the right track, and didn’t need to go any further, and then I did offer them my program and showed them the prices, but they both said they were going to go and do what. I said then they would see if they still needed any help. I know that this was just my first 2 fails and that’s fine that it didn’t get the results yet. I have several more calls lined up, the leads are warm and qualified, they know I have something to sell and they know we’re getting on the phone to see if they are a right fit.

Is there any training in coach training on how to sell on calls to people 1:1? I am used to selling on webinars, and have done so before, but I feel that 1:1 touch point with people after the webinar is going to yield more conversions, however not at this rate. What do you suggest for me to move forward? I know the answer is to keep doing them (which I am going to keep doing) I guess I have trouble getting them to sign up right then and there because there is no real urgency. They can sign up and we can schedule our first session but if they don’t there is no good reason I have for them not doing it right away, I feel like I’m trying to think of a way to impose fake scarcity. Or try to push them into something they aren’t ready for yet, also not sure how to not help them so much that they are good with just the one Free strategy call. Any pointers?