Sales job. Bad at sales.

I own a retail store and I have the thought that I’m bad at sales. I know it’s a thought but it feels like a fact.

I am so good at creating products, graphics, design, tech, community building, etc. but I struggle daily with applying my creativity to sales. Which leads to low sales.

I follow other stores in different niches and I’ll see them come up with a promotion or way of selling and I’m so amazed by that. I rarely ever come up with my own ideas when it comes to marketing and sales. I usually see something then tweak it and make it my own and use it later for my store. I guess this isn’t an actual bad thing, but I would give anything to be able to look at my sales for the day, notice I’m $300 behind my goal, then figure out some marketing thing I see other stores do when they’re down, and then I make the $300 and reach my goal that day.

I’ve even started saving marketing ideas that I come across to a folder. It’s become my little bag of tricks that I can go to when I need a sales or marketing idea. I guess this is me making lemonade but I would so much prefer being able to come up with these ideas on my own.

I would really like to shake this thought without going down a rabbit hole of passive action (reading books on sales, marketing courses, retail ebooks, Pinterest, Facebook groups, etc) but maybe that’s what I need to do? Just start over and learn? Not sure at this point but I feel like I should be better at sales at this point.

I know this thought is keeping me from reaching my impossible goal.