Saturated market

Hi Brooke:

New Scholar here.

I’m humbled by your willingness to share your work and process. I see how your abundance mentality means that when other coaches teach The Model as their own or use your *exact* podcast topics on their podcasts, it’s not threatening to you and only spreads your great work further. I have issues about crediting people. Anyway! As I look to narrow my niche and decide how to focus my business, my brain keeps telling me that there are already so many other people doing the exact thing I want to be doing. These people are already targeting the same population in the same location, are already integrated into the greater network/feeder communities, are “better than me” at the product, and many already have more than 10k followers on Instagram. I’m really having trouble seeing that more clients are available for ME to serve when so many others already have systems in place already serving them. How is there enough to go around in what appears to be a saturated market? I see how I’m giving these “competitors” power. And it actually has all to do with me. I’m looking at your generosity and transparency at sharing all your “secrets” as major inspiration. How can I truly believe there is enough to go around? My bridge model needs some work. Thank you so much!!

C: Beef up/commit to business
T: There are already so many other pros doing this better than I am for my exact target market
F: Inadequate
A: No action on business
R: Fail in advance

C: Commit to business
T: I am open to believing there might be enough clients for me
F: Cautiously hopeful
A: Considering launching biz
R: Starting to feel better

C: Committing to business
T: There are enough clients to go around; Others’ success doesn’t mean my failure.
F: Free, excited, motivated
A: Work on marketing and owning my identity as business owner
R: Get clients